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Thick & Creamy Dahi at home

Automatic Yogurt Maker

Voltmi Yogurt Maker Machine, Share Health, Share Deliciousness, Share Happiness. Home-made yogurt contains no food additives, healthy and nutritious to you and your family members. You can try different flavors by adding the flavor before making yogurt. From Greek styles to fruit flavored varieties, your options are limitless with this electric yogurt maker.

yogurt maker machine

Home-made Dahi ready in 3 steps

Step 1 - Mix 50ml of fresh yogurt with around 700-800ml of fresh milk. 

Step 2 - Turn ON Voltmi Yogurt maker.

Step 3 - Wait for 8-10 hours, and your fresh & healthy yogurt is ready.

How to use?

Add a spoonful of fresh dahi/curd/yogurt inside the stainless steel bowl. Then add fresh milk or milk powder with water in the same bowl. Mix it well and then cover the lid and plug in the power. Switch on the machine and leave it for 8-10 hours. After 8-10 hours you can turn off the machine and your fresh, healthy and creamy dahi/curd/yogurt is ready to serve. You may add fruit and honey when work is done.Yogurt made from this is much more healthier and nutricious than commercial Yogurt.

Added Benefits

Good for Health


This Dahi maker is good for health unlike other Dahi maker it curdles the milk well giving us more probiotics, Dahi made from this is good for skin, Gut health, brain, liver, kidney, kid's health as it suppliments calcium to promote growth in children.

Easy to Use


This machine helps you make nutricious and delicious Dahi at home without any hassle.The high resistance appliance helps you make your favourite dahi in any climate.

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Watch Video

How to use Voltmi Yogurt Machine


Product Information

Item model number: ‎SNJ-001


Item Weight: 200g

Item Dimensions: LxWxH7.4 x 7.4 x 17.1 Centimeters

Included Components: Curd bowl , Body of Curd maker , Lid

Colour Available: Green, Pink

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