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Aura 2.0 portable air purifier

Aura Air Purifier 2.0

All-in-one Air Purifier For Car

Kills 99.9% bacteria, Viruses & Germs.

Voltmi air purifiers trap and kill bacteria and viruses through electrostatic and oxidation effects. They also sterilize the air with UV light, eliminating pollutants, irritants, and allergies by removing particles causing these issues.

Air purifier kills viruses

Key Features

Unique AQI indicator LED displays air quality in surrounding area.

High-mesh activated carbon filter effectively absorbs harmful gases.

Trap and kill bacteria and viruses through electrostatic and oxidative process.

air purifier with led display

Smart Digital Display

The air purifier features LED displays on the top, allowing users to activate and deactivate functions based on air quality, as determined by the AQI on Aura 2.0.

Smart Detection of Air Quality : The Voltmi Aura 2.0 is equipped with a unique AQI Indicator LED Display which shows the Air Quality in your surrounding. Good Air Quality (0-50), Satisfactory Air Quality (51-100), Moderately Polluted (101-200).

All-In-One Purifier For Car

UV sterilization effectively removes unclean ions from air, reducing fever, headaches, and eye irritations caused by tablets, mobile phones, and TVs. It features a high-quality fan with low noise, ensuring a quiet drive with minimal disturbance, with noise levels below 30dB.

air purifier for car



Aura 2.0 air purifier

1. You can place the device in the cup holder in the front or rear of the car.

2. Connect the power plug to the power input port of the air purifier, and then put the cable into the cable slot. Then, connect to the power supply. Instruction.

3. The Device automatically starts while the power is on , enters the automatic sensing mode . After the sensor warms up for 2 Minutes, the digital display screen of air quality will display in real-time according to the current air quality, And the whole device automatically turns off whitle it powers off.


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