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  • Where is the rotary interface on the magnetic charging cable?
    Rotary Interface means, you can rotate the front connector and connect from any rotational direction on the magnetic part. Connect any connector to the wire and then hold the front head with your hands and rotate the wire. You can notice, that it rotates smoothly. The Rotary Interface is inside the magnetic connector on the head of the wire.
  • Is it a fast charger?
    Yes, the magnetic charging cable can achieve up to maximum of 3 Amperes of fast charging but it also depends on the USB adapter to which it is connected. If the Voltmi magnetic charging cable is connected to an original and genuine fast charging adapter then the charging speed will be very fast. But, if connected to a normal USB charger the charging speed will not be very fast.
  • What if the connector is becoming loose and cannot hold my phone strongly?
    Please make sure the connector and the charging pin are firmly connected. First connect the connector pin to the magnetic charging cable and then let it be connected for at least 1 minute before you connect your phone for charging. This way the connector will hold your phone strongly.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

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