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A compact size pocket-friendly air purifier for your cars, small rooms, offices, and kid's area. It effectively covers up to 200 sq feet of rooms. With a unique 3L3W patented technology for 99.97% air purification level that effectively removes all air-borne Pollen, Mold Germs, Bacteria, Pet Dender, Dust & Smoke & Aldehydes. Aura achieves the highest level of air purification with the help of an Activated Carbon Filter, a True HEPA 13 Filter, and a Fine Air Filter. A built-in High concentration of Negative ions &One-key deodorization assures further freshness and purfication. A Built-in air quality sensor LED light turns green for pure, blue for semi-pure, and red for bad air quality for air quality monitoring. A cup holder design fits inside every car, and a type-c connector with a USB output turns Aura into effective USB charging outlet.



Voltmi Aura Portable Air Purifier (White) for Car, Home & Office

₹6,999.00 Regular Price
₹2,499.00Sale Price
    • 3 Stage Air Filtration with Fine Preliminary Filter, True HEPA 13 Filter and Activated Carbon Filter,  Aura provides up to 99.5% air purification rate and High concentration negative Ions make sure the air around is pure and clean at all times. It effectively removes Bad smells, Pollen, Mold, Germs, Bacteria, Pet Dender, Dust & Smoke.
    • Its Intelligent Air Quality Sensor & Indicator shows the air quality with the help of LED lights inside the purifier. Red Light for bad air, Blue for average air quality and Green for good air quality. After turning ON the Aura Air Purifier, the LED light will be either Red, Blue or Green depending on the number of air pollutants in your surrounding air.
    • Voltmi Aura is made in a cup-holder size design so that it fits inside almost every Indian car. With the help of a Type-C connector for powering up the Aura, it is equipped with a fast charge USB port that helps you quickly charge any other device through the air purifier. Filter life is up to 6 months and Authentic Voltmi Aura replacement filter is always available for repair.
    • Super Safe and Super Smart. Many car air purifiers & Ionizers come with built-in non-certified batteries which expose the car to the risk of fire & also cause regular battery drain problems. Aura has no battery inside which means that the product is safer to use even at higher temperatures. Its super energy efficient and consumes up to 70% less energy than ionizers hence keeping your car batteries safe from draining out faster. 
    • Voltmi Aura comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. In case if you face any problem with our product, please contact our customer care on our toll free number. Our friendly customer care team is always ready to enhance your product experience and replace the product immediately, no questions asked if its faulty or not performing well. 
  • Model Name Aura Portable Air Purifier
    Type Car, Home , Office
    Filter Type HEPA
    Color White
    Shade Matt White
    Material ABS/Hardware/PCBA
    Coverage Area 300 sq ft
    Control Type Touch Button
    Suitable For Office, House, Car
    Technology Used 3L3W
    Air Flow Level 50 cu.m/hr
    Number of Speed Settings 3
    3D Circulation Air Flow Yes
    Ionizer Yes
    Humidifier Yes
    Other Performance Features True Hepa H13 Air Filtration for removing contaminants from surrounding air., Cup holder design for stability and durability., Aura comes with built-in LED lights that help you understand the air quality around you.
    Indicators Green Indicator implying clean and fresh air, Blue Indicator implying air quality is average, Red Indicator implying air quality is poor
    Portable Yes
    Display Type LED
    Power Requirement 4.5W
    Power Consumption 4.5W
    Weight 0.25 kg

    7.4 cm
    Height 17.1 cm
    Depth 7.4 cm


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