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Startup Guide

Product Parameters

1. Product name: Aura

2. Product model: PAP01

3. Material: ABS/Hardware/PCBA

4. Input voltage/current: DC5.0V~6.0V MAX(±10%)

5. Working current: 400~850mA

6. Working power: 4.5W

7. Fan working current: 1st gear/450mA; 2nd gear/600mA; 3rd gear/820mA(±10%);

8. Fan working power: 1st gear/2.25W; 2nd gear/3W; 3rd gear/4.25W;

9. Negative ion concentration: 8*10 PCS/cm³(tested at 100cm from the emitter)

10. PPM: <0.05PPM

11. Product size: 74*74*171mm

12. Product weight: 240g

13. Executive standard: GB4706.45-2008

14. Inspection: Qualified

Product Parts
Function Operation
  1. Button“M”function: Click“M”button for the first time to turn on the automatic mode.The fan switches gears according to the air quality; Click“M”button for the second time is manual mode first gear; Click“M”button for the third time,switch to manual second gear; Click“M”button for the fourth time, switch to manual mode third gear and click“M”button for the fifth time, and turn off the machine.

  2. Negative ion function: Long press the“M”button for the first time, turn on the negative ion, and long press the“M”button for the second time turn off the negative ions.

  3. Type-c input port: The product Type-c input port can supply power to the product.

  4. USB output port: DC5V can be output for other products.

The negative ions are turned on at the same time in any mode,and the negative ions can be independently controlled to turn on or off in any mode.

Indicator Light

  1. Definition of air quality indicator: when the red light is on,the air quality is very poor,When the blue is on,the air quality is poor; When the green light is on,the air quality is good.

  2. Air quality indicator: When the product is connected to the power,the air quality indicator light will turn on red,green,and blue in turn,and the air quality indicator light turns green.and after the warm-up time (about 3 minutes) is over,the machine changes the indicator color according to the air quality in any mode.

  3. Negative ion indicator; when the negative ion is turned on,the negative ion indicator white breathing light is on,when the negative ion is turned off,the negative ion indicator light is off.

  4. Working instruction; In automatic mode,the white indicator light of 1-2-3 gear on,the negative ion indicator white breathing light is on; When the manual first gear is used,the white indicator light of 1st gear on, negative ion white indicator breathing light is on.When the manual second gear is used,the white indicator light of 2nd gear on,negative ion white indicator breathing light is on.When the manual third gear is used, the white indicator light of 3rd gear on.negative ion white indicator breathing light on.When the function is turned off,all indicator lights and air quality lights go off.



  1. The filter element of this product is is recommended to be cleaned every half a month and replaced every three months.

  2. When cleaning the filter element,do not wash it with water.Use a hairdryer to blow the inside of the filter element,or use a soft brush or toothbrush to clean the dust attached to the surface of the filter.

  3. When cleaning the filter element,please do not knock the filter element, otherwise,the internal structure of the filter element will be damaged and the filtering effect will not be achieved.

  4. The applicable scope of this product is 5-10 square meters.If the space is large,please use the appropriate product

  5. A small of ozone will be produced when this product works.If you feel difficult to breathe,please turn off the machine and open the window for ventilation.

  6. Do not spray corrosive liquid such as essence, essential oil, perfume, etc., on the filter.

Filter element replacement steps














Product Accessories

Air purifier*1pc,Tpye-c cable*1pc, User manual*1pc,Qualified certificate*1pc

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