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Common Misconceptions About Air Purifiers Debunked

air pollution in india


Due to increase in air pollution nowadays air purifiers have become a necessary household device. The harmful air we breathe can cause significant illness and respiratory problems, to avoid this one must invest in an air purifier that is suitable for their personal preferance. According to research India has been ranked 8th in the list of countries with the worst air quality index. By now you may have understood the importance of having an air purifier in your space. In this blog we’ll debunk the common misconceptions about air purifiers.

Myth 1: Air Purifiers Are a Luxury Item


While air purifiers come in a range of prices, they are not just a luxury item for the elite. Affordable models are available, and investing in one can be beneficial for anyone seeking cleaner indoor air. Air purifiers can help alleviate allergies, remove pollutants, and improve overall well-being.

Myth 2: Air Purifiers Can Replace Natural Ventilation


Air purifiers complement, but do not replace, proper ventilation. Ventilation brings in fresh outdoor air, while air purifiers filter and clean indoor air quality. Combining both is the best strategy for optimal air quality.

Myth 3: Air Purifiers Remove All Germs and Bacteria


Many air purifiers can kill some bacteria and germs, but not completely eliminate them. They work best when absorbing and filtering out fine particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander. To combat germs and bacteria effectively, choose an air purifier with a HEPA filter and UV-C light technology.

Voltmi air purifier removes all germs & bacteria

Myth 4: All Air Purifiers are Noisy


Noise levels vary among air purifiers. Some are whisper-quiet, while others produce noticeable noise. Look for models with low decibel ratings if noise is a concern. Newer models often have advanced noise reduction technology.

Myth 5: Air Purifiers Eliminate Odors Instantly


Air purifiers can help reduce odors, but they don't eliminate them instantly. Odors from cooking, pets, or smoke can take some time to be filtered out. Using an air purifier with a dedicated odor-fighting filter can be more effective.

Myth 6: Air Purifiers Are Maintenance-Free


Air purifiers require maintenance. Filters need to be replaced periodically. The frequency depends on the type of filter and the purifier's usage. Regular filter replacement is essential for optimal performance.

Myth 7: All Air Purifiers are the Same


Nowadays there are various different kinds of air purifiers in the market which are available including HEPA filters, activated carbon filters and UV-C purifiers. Each has benefits and drawbacks. Pick the one that best deals with your unique requirements and concerns such as allergy relief or smoke removal.

voltmi air purifier includes HEPA filters & UV light

Myth 8: Air Purifiers Consume Too Much Energy


Most air purifiers have low energy requirements. They generally consume almost the same amount of electricity as a lightbulb. Make sure to look out for energy saving air purifiers when buying one for your homes.


Finally, air purifiers are essential devices for enhancing indoor air. Nevertheless, one must distinguish between truth and myth concerning their application. However, these devices are limited in utility and must be kept in good repair for effective use.

Choose a type that is applicable according to your requirements, clean it often, and bear in mind that ventilation and general indoor sanitation also contribute to the healthy indoor atmosphere. Addressing and dispelling those misconceptions will allow you to utilize your air purifier to its max and breathe fresh, healthy air at home.

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